My name is Kali H. and I was a student in the CAS program now attending my first choice, The Brooklyn Latin School. The CAS program provided me with an incredibly beneficial learning environment with a rigorous curriculum. The class sized sessions were far better than the one on one sessions I had done previously because I no longer just learned from my mistakes, but also the mistakes of my peers. We gained more independence in the classroom setting, overall improving our ability to solve SHSAT questions. Not only did we have lectures on pieces of curriculum unfamiliar to us, but an exploration of the skills we would need in order to solve questions involving topics such as logic and algebra, subjects we hadn’t been exposed to in our regular school.
— Kali H.
I asked Tatyana W. what she thought about the CAS program and she said that it was very helpful to her and is a great program that definitely prepared her for the SHSAT test.  The CAS program definitely helped her to improve on her math and English and she feels very confident that she did well on the test.  We are very grateful that she was able to attend the program and we feel that the CAS program is an excellent program and is very affordable as well, especially compared to other programs.
— Vanessa E.
This program helped reinforce concepts that I was not comfortable with. I sometimes struggled with math and wasn’t confident about performing well on the SHSAT. Because I was able to focus on my weaknesses and strengthen those areas, I feel more than ready for the SHSAT!
— Kenneth F.
I would recommend this program to all my peers! I met a lot of new people, learned new techniques, and got better at understanding and answering difficult problems.
— Shawn A
The teachers and fun activities made the program enjoyable! I was able to solve (and master) many problems.
— R.D
CAS was helpful because it helped me understand the test better and I was able to use some of those tips for my 8th grade work.
— J.P
This program was not only helpful for the SHSAT, but also my school curriculum by teaching me different problem solving strategies for various questions. We also had the opportunity to identify our mistakes and correct them during test review. I would definitely recommend this program, it was amazing!
— T.W
I believe that CAS is a better program than my old program. We had more frequent and longer sessions, and covered a lot more content. When I took the SHSAT, I was completely ready because I knew what to expect. What I liked most about the program was that despite the strict environment, learning was still enjoyable. The teachers were fun and I enjoyed interacting with the other students. CAS was helpful for me, why not get everyone else in on it?!
— C.N