The SHSAT is an intense test given to new 8th graders in late October and early November that demands students have mastery of concepts and strategies that are often outside of the regular academic curriculum.  In order for 8th grade students to have a true opportunity to compete for the limited seats in NYC's Specialized High Schools, they must be prepared for this challenging test. To effectively prepare for this test, students need to at least be competent in grade level mathematics and reading comprehension skills. In addition, students must be taught the very specific skill sets required for mastery on the SHSAT. These skill sets extend far beyond what is commonly taught in the state middle school curriculum. Without this prep the chances for passage and acceptance are very slim to non-existent, even for talented and gifted children who are not previously exposed to the test. CAS Prep’s 4-phase SHSAT Test Prep program will teach students the strategies and content they need to take on this challenging and highly competitive test.

Elementary and middle school students often struggle with the new common core requirements and its associated teaching methods. A significant part of the problem these students face is the lack of time spent on teaching reading, writing and mathematical principles. Students are asked to engage in high capacity work without the foundations needed to complete assigned tasks. CAS Prep's Enrichment Program focuses on shoring up the fundamentals basics of the common core curriculum and then extending students beyond their current grade level. Our belief is that by engaging these students in enrichment activities and solidifying their core knowledge base, they will be able to excel academically.

CAS Prep is committed to providing students with a positive and supportive learning environment that fosters personal, social and academic growth. Here at CAS Prep, we stress the importance of a well-rounded education: lecturers, tutors, administrators and parents collaborate to enhance the learning experience for each student. By bridging the gap between the schools and the academic rigor they strive for, we offer students the opportunities to self-reflect, build resilience and inspire success.